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Quality certification.

Bettini has recently obtained quality certification for the manifacturing of advaced ceramic materials resistant to wear and corrosion for industrial application.



Special offers

In this section you can find a list of articles tendered for special prices until stock exhaustion.
We are confident this service enables you to buy articles suitable for your purposes at very advantageous conditions.

If you are interested, please e-mail us at

The new Bettini interactive threadguides catalogue now online.

Warning for all navigators.
The new Bettini interactive catalogue is now online, complete with the three sections Ceramic Threadguides, Metal Threadguides and Assembled Threadguides.
The catalogue, organised as a search engine, enables you to search from over 700 products complete with datasheets and technical drawings, to find the ideal solution for your specific requirements.
Clicking step by step photographs, drawings and part numbers, you can look up the catalogue, select the article needed and reach a detailed data sheet complete with drawing and technical specifications. Then you can send us your respective inquiry directly via e-mail. Thanks to this “on line quote” service, all clients can send their offer requests via the Internet at any time from their own computer.


Electroless nikel plating: new high quality solutions.

Bettini has recently adopted and introduced a new international patent, in order to overcome problems connetted with the decay of the electroless nikel plating bath. This allows a more uniform level of hardness, brightness, corrosion resistance and coating thickness from the first to the last batch.

Partnership with Far East for ceramic thread guides.

In an increasingly aggressive market, Bettini has set itself up to supply ceramic thread guides at particularly competitive prices.
For this purpose we have recently established a number of business partnerships with manufacturers in the Far East, after careful selection, thus integrating our supply.
These products come with the Bettini guarantee of high quality thanks to its consolidated experience in the sector and thorough inspections made on each product batch by the Quality Control Office.